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Financial Audit

The success of a business hinges on precise financial control, responsiveness to market changes, and meeting stakeholder expectations. Transparent, reliable financial reporting is essential in securing the confidence of investors, suppliers, and customers in a competitive landscape.

Consaudi, since its inception, has specialized in audit services across various sectors, including industry, trade, construction, and services. Our offerings, adhering to international auditing standards, include:

  • IFRS-compliant financial statement audits

  • Audits for small and medium-sized enterprises under IFRS

  • Financial information-related agreed-upon procedures

  • Compliance audits

  • Financial statement reviews

  • Other assurance services

Our firm is trusted and recommended by our clients, a testament to our commitment to excellence and professional integrity.

Outsourced Accounting

Efficient business management relies on accurate and timely accounting information. Achieving this requires expertise not only in accounting and taxation but also in business, labor, and civil laws.

In line with global practices, Georgia has seen a rise in outsourced accounting services, allowing companies to focus on core activities while saving time and resources.

At Consaudi, our accounting services encompass:

  • Comprehensive bookkeeping for small and medium enterprises

  • Accounting restoration and organization

  • Financial statement preparation and consolidation

  • Accounting system and procedure planning

  • Accounting policy development

  • Reports for company mergers and divisions

  • Tax declaration preparation

Leverage our expertise for streamlined accounting solutions, enhancing your business efficiency.

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Tax Risk Management

Navigating tax complexities is critical for any business aiming to ensure compliance and safeguard its interests. Consaudi offers strategic Tax Risk Management services designed to fortify your company against potential financial and legal challenges. Our focused approach helps you:

  • Understand and clarify your tax obligations, ensuring full compliance with current regulations.

  • Minimize potential tax fines and penalties through proactive planning and advisory.

  • Reduce the risk of litigation with the Revenue Service by maintaining accurate and transparent tax records.

With Consaudi, empower your business to manage tax risks effectively, ensuring a smoother operational flow and peace of mind.


In the evolving landscape of international financial reporting standards and frequent amendments to the Georgian tax code, navigating complex decisions can challenge even the most seasoned accountants. This complexity arises from ongoing updates to financial reporting, tax, and business regulations, alongside dynamic business operations and ambiguous legislative changes.

Recognizing these challenges, seeking advice from qualified consultants becomes indispensable. Independent expert consultations enhance your team's understanding of intricate matters, mitigating risks associated with misinformation, compliance failures, or misinterpretation of tax laws.

Consaudi's consulting services are designed to provide clarity and expert solutions in accounting and taxation for our clients. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Comprehensive accounting practices,

  • Financial reporting standards,

  • Taxation laws and compliance,

  • Tax declaration procedures,

  • Support during audits by regulatory authorities.

Leverage Consaudi's consultancy to safeguard your business decisions and stay ahead in a complex regulatory environment.

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